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Epic Implementations

Our consultants are primarily ex-Epic employees who have a multitude of years successfully implementing Epic Software. Through our experience we have modernized best practices in helping your organization adopt new technology.


We understand that implementation extends far beyond installing the software and we place high value on training your staff to optimize your performance long into the future. Our rigorous hiring standards filter only those who have demonstrated success on all project levels. 


Our stable approach helps organizations navigate the turbulent water of an Epic install without disrupting their current workflows.  Combined, our expert consultant base and client first approach allows for a seamless transition.


Mergers & Acquisitions

As the healthcare industry evolves- our consultant base continues to push forward in tandem, helping our clients maximize the most out of their investments. Our clients have relied on Anchor to lead roll-out strategies to recently acquired partners.


This change in landscape has allowed Anchor to become industry experts in Community Connect and roll-out projects. Our team works diligently to stabilize main campus while ensuring effective go-lives for our clients.


Our experts have assisted organizations in promoting operational accountabilityachieving new standards of care, and creating cost transparency at granular level.

Biz Analytics

EMR Optimization

Working with the nation's leading academic medical institutions has given Anchor consultants the expertise in best industry practices.

Whether your organization has already implemented an EMR or is just beginning the selection process- our consultants can help provide the expertise necessary to ensure the right software fit / utilization.

Our change management and stakeholder engagement methodology allows issues to be addressed before implementation and safeguards against long term issues. The Anchor team has a wide range of experience and continues to help our clients optimize their investment in technology.

Strategic Initiatives & Upgrades

The tides are constantly changing as healthcare reform initiatives and new industry trends are forcing providers to adapt. Our strategic consulting teams will help identify new approaches for your reimbursement models in order to capitilize on these changes.


We specialize in finding new efficiencies in your revenue cycle workflows to save your organization time and money. We work hard to understand the goals of your organization and tailor our approach to help you achieve them. Our highly customized solutions help to provide enhancements that will continue to provide benefits well into the future. 


Let us help you gameplan how to best take advantage of these sweeping changes without compromising your core values as an organization. 

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